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GUC Music Hall inauguration

In Academic
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In an important event that marks one of the mile stones in the GUC history, GUC inaugurated the GUC Music Hall in a ceremony that values the importance of music in specific and art in general in the academic life.


This Music Hall is the 3rd achievement of the GUC Music Academy crowning the GUC Music Ensemble and GUC Music School.  Ohoude Khadr, The Manager of the Music Academy indicated that it started with 20 students/performers in 2012 and it serves now more than 100 students.


Celebrating the inauguration some of the Music Academy instructors performed international musicals and a number of the GUC students who are members of the Academy and the Ensemble performed several musicals as well.


Prof. Ashraf Mansour, GUC Prime founder and The Head of the Board of Trustees said in his speech of inauguration, “I had this as part of my dreams since 2002, music is not important only but essential as well to be a part of GUC life” . He expressed his pride of and support to the GUC Music Academy and supported the fact that different performances should be on weekly bases not monthly.


Prof. Ashraf Mansour also added that he feels gratitude for the GUC students’ talents who make him always proud as Khaled Elkammar, GUC graduate, who re-represented the music of Eleila Elkebera and performed by GUC Music Ensemble’s members, and many others, who have their obvious contributions.


Prof. Mansour’s speech was followed, afterwards, by highlights from the ensemble’s performances over the past years by GUC students, accompanied with performances by the artists teaching at GUC Music School PRO, who are members of Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Cairo Jazz Festival founders, Arabian House of Oud members.