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Pharmaceutical Drug Development Course

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

According to Professor Ashraf Mansour Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the German University in Cairo, visiting Germany is a vital experience during the students journey at The German University in Cairo. Consistently, GUC allows its students to be exposed to the international and specifically the German academic, social and cultural environment through their participation in various educational and cultural events. Additionally, students are encouraged to take part in several global conferences and competitions.

Achieving such vision, GUC students participated in the "Pharmaceutical Drug Development Course" in Berlin that took place from 16 July to 10 August 2019.  The students attended Dr. Horst Wenck talk, Vice President of Front End Innovation at Beiersdorf AG. 

The high caliber speaker talked about “Interactions between Academia and Industry in Research and Development"

The students learned about the Open Innovations Initiatives from Industry and the differences between the research in industry and academia.

Prof. Abadi, coordinator of the course added that the course included lectures regarding different professional aspects of Drug Development process, given by eminent speakers from the European Medicines Agency, Charité Medicine University, Berlin Free University,  German company specializing in health economics and of course the GUC.

Moreover, the students visited Liebniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology, whereby they came to be familiar with research done there and robotic high throughput screening. 

The visit of Dr. Wenck was crowned by a meeting with Prof. Ashraf Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Trustees GUC, who enlightened the guest about the GUC concept in Cairo and Berlin

Dr. Wenck showed high interest in Prof. Mansour plans, particularly when he knows that the GUC is representing 42% of all Germany high education abroad. The prestigious guest also showed his satisfaction by the academic level of the GUC students as well as questions raised by them during the talk.