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Thursday, February 7, 2019

This month - February 2019 -  the GUC Council took place at the German University in Cairo. The GUC University Council meets bi-annually to discuss the latest reports about GUC faculties’ achievements, progress and challenges. The council comprises of the GUC University President Prof. Dr. Eng Yasser Hegazy, the GUC Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof Slim Abdennadher and the GUC Vice President  for Student Affairs Prof Ehab Kamel Abou-Elkheir as well as the GUC Secretary General Eng. Essam Hamouda. This is in addition to the GUC faculty deans. They meet with GUC cooperation partners who are a group of eminent German professors and deans, who come from the  GUC partner universities and research institutions.

Together they are responsible for contributing to GUC’s international network as well as the enhancement of all GUC scientific and research functions and activities. Through these bi-annual meetings, the GUC maintains its excellence in education and scientific research in accordance with international criteria. This year’s meeting marked also the 25th anniversary of the cooperation between the GUC and Dr. Karl-Heinz Kammerlohr; Former Director General of International Affairs, Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts, Stuttgart, FRG. He was honored by the council and the GUC Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof Dr. rer.nat Ashraf Mansour for his 25 years journey with GUC since its foundation years.


Eminent German Cooperation Partners:

GUC Cooperation Partner

GUC Partner Institution

Partner Faculty from the GUC

Prof. Dr. Michael Jaensch

Professor at HTW Berlin

Department of Economics and Law of HTW Berlin.

Faculty of Law and Legal Studies


Prof Michael-Jörg   Oesterle,


Dean, Faculty of  Management, Economics, and Social Sciences and Head of International and Strategic Management Department, both University of Stuttgart


Faculty of Management Technology


Prof Werner Smolny


Professor at Faculty of Math and Economic Studies

University  of Ulm


Faculty of Management Technology



Prof Kurt Rothermel


Director of Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems 




Faculty of Information Engineering & Technology

Prof Frank Kargl


Director of the Institute of    Distributed Systems

Ulm University

Faculty of Media Engineering Technology

Prof Peter Duerre

Director of Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology

University of Ulm


Faculty of Pharmacy & Biotechnology

Prof Siegfried Schmauder

Professor for Strength of Material

Department Head Multiscale Simulation of Metals 

University of Stuttgart

Faculty of Engineering & Material Science




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Balthasar Novák


        Professor of  Structural Engineering

Deputy Director of Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), University of Stuttgart,

Civil Engineering Program,

'Prof. Dr. Stefan Laufer'


Chairman for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry 

University of Tuebingen

Faculty of Pharmacy & Biotechnology

Prof Helmut Bott'

Chair of Council

Faculty of Architecture

University of Stuttgart

Architecture & Urban Design Program

Prof Rayan Abdullah

Professor at Leipzig University





Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts







Prof  Dr. Ahmed El-Ghazouly      


Professor of Structural Engineering

Section Head, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

Civil Engineering program