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GUC Music Ensemble Performances in 2018!

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

The GUC Music Ensemble concerts are considered significant highlights of GUC’s cultural activities. Talented students from all semesters team up to form an ensemble that performs both in Egypt and abroad whilst wowing audiences everywhere they go. Below are some of their most memorable performances in the year 2018:

GUC Graduation Ceremony 2018: The graduating students from the GUC Music Ensemble performed three days in a row (October 5th,6th & 7th) celebrating their graduation with their parents, friends, and professors. Every day, the ensemble offered a new list of songs which added a unique magical atmosphere to each of the Graduation nights.

Jazz & Funk Concert: This concert was held on November 15th in the platform area in collaboration with Big Band from Germany. Together, they played popular jazz and funk tunes. The first part of the concert was a magnificent performance by the German Big Band followed by a collaboration of songs performed by both the German band members and GUC Music Ensemble members. The concert was fully packed and cheers continued all night long.

Christmas Salon: it was held on December 10th by The GUC Music Ensemble members in the music hall in the D building. They performed a variety of heart-warming Christmas songs celebrating the festive season.