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GUC Alumnus Dr Islam Khalaf wins Otto-Hahn Medal from Max Planck Institute in the Field of Electronics

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Egyptian Researcher Islam Khalaf on Wednesday won the medal of the Otto Hahn Prize for Chemistry and Physics in Germany for introducing outstanding research in the field of electrical conductivity in topological wires.

Khalaf, who obtained his PhD thesis in January 2017, said that he used the laws of quantum mechanics in his research to understand features of the topological materials. He asserted that his research would develop industry of electronics in the future, adding that the topological wires will fasten the processing capabilities of computers.

He received the prize from Max Planck Institute for Physics, with celebration attended by the German Minister of Education and Scientific Research Anja Karliczek  in Heidenberg city, Germany.

Khalaf graduated from Faculty of Engineering in German University in Cairo (GUC) in 2010. He obtained Master and PhD degrees from the Max Planck Institute, which ranks fifth among research institutes worldwide according to ‘Nature’ magazine.