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German University in Cairo students create 39 physical models for designs of residential commercial towers

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Monday, May 28, 2018

German University in Cairo students create 39 physical models for designs of residential commercial towers.

GUC Architecture and Urban Design program students did an exhibition for 39 residential and commercial tower design projects with different heights and areas in correspondence to the new urban expansion in the Middle East and the Arab region.

Prof. Dr. Tamer El Khorazaty Dean of GUC Architecture and Urban Design program said in a statement published by the university that the vertical expansion projects are characterized by futuristic forms, and it contains residential, commercial, hotel and administrative spaces. The tower is 40 floors with the average height of 160 meters. The projects are prototypes of mixed-use towers for the living, working, and shopping according to the new urban and architectural trends. Prof. Dr. Tamer praised the GUC students’ great efforts to construct the design physical models.

MSc. Ibrahim Samy Instructor of GUC Architecture and Urban Design program said that the design physical models were done in collaboration with the GUC’s industrial park, adding that in practical life international design offices are used to design these mega projects.

And MSc. Ibrahim added that the GUC supports teaching these mega projects as it directly contributes to GUC architecture students’ preparation for international market, highlighting that part of the university goals is to train its students to achieve high caliber which allows them to work in international offices with international standards.

He also noted that the physical models making process needs the support of experienced technicians and without this support the students might not be able to realize their models, confirming that the collaboration between the university administration and industrial administration allows the students to inquire and ask about all questions regarding the realization of their physical models, and the students took part in the GUC annual employment fair in which their projects got lots of praise by the employment fair attendees.

And form another side Dina Al-Shamy head of GUC employment team said that the tower project will be presented in the upcoming employment fair in next November, confirming that the fair will contain from 10 to 15 mega companies of interior design, construction, and real-estate development among these companies are Egyptian companies which became international companies.

She also highlighted that the employment fair is the biggest in Egypt in offering and providing Architecture and civil engineering jobs, and it offers at the same time a chance for the students to display their projects in front of companies. As the purpose of the employment fair is not only to apply for jobs but also it’s a platform for students to present themselves in front of different companies with a direct interaction between student and company which qualifies the student to be a pioneer before graduation.

And she confirmed that the fair provides about 80 working and training opportunities in biggest companies, and the GUC do a series of lectures for students to raise their awareness of international market needs.

It’s important to highlight that the employment and technical training office for students and graduates was established in 2005, and it provides services for around 1500 company and 25000 students and graduate, and it aims at encouraging and developing students and graduates’ skills to transform them into pioneers as the university organize workshops and discussion sessions for them that supports them in their track.

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