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GUC Faculty of Applied Sciences & Arts “The Furniture Design” Exhibition

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

In collaboration with GUC Industrial Park, GUC Applied Sciences and Arts 5th Semester students have proudly designed and produced 18 Stools and concepts of their own creation. The work was supervised by Prof. Regine Ritz and T.A Sara Khedre.

Stools have been designed under the name of “Soft and Hard” to implement the concept of combining both adjectives in a form of a stool. The combination is not only implemented by shape but also by material and form; while the students were required to use Metal and Wood in production.Each stool design holds two different parts to function separately and apart from one another. The stools implement a form language and a color concept to associate with its target group and to reach its market.

The aim of this project is to let students work on a Furniture Design that can be easily implemented in the market with high quality. This goes in accordance representing the GUC mission to qualify the GUC graduates to be eligible to reach not only the local market but also the international market of of different services and industries.