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GUC honors H.E.Annette Schavan on the occasion of 10-year for German-Egyptian Science Year

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

On the occasion of 10-year celebration of the German-Egyptian Science Year that was initiated on German University in Cairo Campus and supported by German and Egyptian Scientific bodies including DAAD, Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and German Ministry of Education and Research; Her Excellency Annette Schavan, Former Minister of Education and Research in the Germany visited GUC to be awarded a special GUC Award for her contribution in supporting research, Science & Technology.

Prof. Ashraf Mansour, GUC Prime Founder and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees gave a speech where he expressed his gratitude for Her Excellency role in Supporting GUC achievements in research and technology in specific, and for her role in supporting the cooperation of between Germany and Egypt in Science and Research in general.

H.E. Ambassador Julius Georg Luy, The German Ambassador to Egypt gave a speech where he stressed the significant role that German university in Cairo is playing in strengthening the relation between Germany and Egypt in general and in education/research in particular.

Dr. Roman Luckscheiter, Director of the DAAD Cairo Office gave a speech that he presents how important the initiative of the German/Egyptian science year is playing in encouraging of the transfer of knowledge between German and Egypt.

H.E. Ambassador Annette Schavan gave a speech that reflected 5the role that GUC is playing throughout the last 15 years and the German year in best presenting the German education Standards.

Her Excellency Annette Schavan visited GUC campus in 2006 to lay down the German university in Cairo Mega industrial park in 2006. The German Egyptian Science year witnessed the launch of 150 events in Egypt & Germany. The initiative of German-Egyptian Science Year witnessed the launch of several events and funds that support scientific cooperation between Germany and Egypt including Egyptian Research fund (GERF) , The German Egyptian Long-Term, and German Egyptian short-Term Scholarship programs that are known by (GERLS) /(GERSS) which are supported and co-funded by the German Academic Exchange Service “DAAD”, The German Ministry of Higher Education and the Egyptian Science & Technology Development Fund, the Egyptian Ministry of scientific research and Higher Education.


1-H.E. Ambassador Julius Georg Luy German Ambassador to Egypt     

 2-Dr. Roman Luckscheiter, Director of the DAAD Cairo Office