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GUC Graduation of Class 2017 of faculties of Management Technology, Faculty of Applied Science and Arts and, 163 graduates of Faculty of Post graduate studies M.Sc., MBA, and PhD

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

On the occasion of the GUC 15th Anniversary and the Graduation of Class 2017 of faculties of Management Technology, Faculty of Applied Science and Arts, and163 graduates of Faculty of Post graduate studies M.Sc., MBA, and PhD; German University in Cairo campus hosted more than 4000 guests among Parents, German & Egyptian officials, Academics, and Researchers from both countries. This is the 2nd day of a Three-day German University in Cairo 15th anniversary celebration. Parallel to the celebration, GUC signed a cooperation agreement with El-Sweedy group to offer 50 scholarships over two years to talented, high achievers of high school graduates from different Egyptian governorates. This scholarship will cover all expenses & tuition fees. This protocol is an example of the integration between industry and academia. It will be added to the patch of scholarships that GUC is offering to Egyptian high school Certificate “Thanawya Amma” graduates.

The Guest speakers for the second day of the GUC 15th anniversary celebration included The Egyptian Minister for Higher education Prof. Khaled AbdelGhafar as a representative of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. He conveyed the sincere congratulations of the Egyptian President for the 15th anniversary of GUC as an example of an International Egyptian/German university of the highest standards and values.

Mrs. Heidrun Tempel Director for Research and Academic Relations Policy and Cultural Relations Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Germany said that the intelligent vision of Prof. Ashraf Mansour is a cornerstone in the anniversary. She added that the GUC is an example of high value univsersities and it is an example of the quality of the German education.

 Dr. Dorothea Rüland General Secretary of the German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD said in her speech that such a gathering and a celebration is a remarkable one. She added that GUC is an example to be followed in the field of Academia and it is an invaluable success story.

Prof. Dr. Michael Weber President of Ulm University said that GUC graduates should make use of the accredited programs that GUC is offering to join the international market. He added that although Ulm University will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, and despite the fact that it is a partner to the GUC, yet GUC outnumbered Ulm in the number of graduates and students. He added that GUC is an example of a refined university that offers integrated education.

Prof. Ashraf Mansour, GUC Prime Founder and The Chairman of the Board of Trustees gave a speech that presented GUC journey of 23 years ever since it was a concept. He shared GUC values, philosophy, and vision with the guests while asking graduates to abide by these values in every stage in their life.

GUC guests also included Regional Manager of Baden-Württemberg International Cooperation Ms. Alexandra Ahmed, Head of International Office at ULM University Frau Daniela Englisch, Deputy Director of International Office Stuttgart University Mrs. Marion Hoecke, Vice-President for Research and International Cooperation HTW Berlin Prof. Mathias Knaut, Honorary Chairman of the Economic board Germany CEO Institute for Management GmbH Mr. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zeitel, Managing Director RIVA GmbH Engineering Mr. Hermann Puettmer, Shareholder RIVA Immobilien Mr. Michele Bonfiglio, Partner at Dr Horn Economic Consultancy and Chartered Dr. Ulrich Zuern, CEO Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers Eng. Daniel Sander, Former German Ambassador to Egypt Baron Paul Von Maltzahn, and GUC board of trustees.

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