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GUC Offers Scholarships to the Governorates Students

post date: 8/27/2019
In   Academic, Tuesday, August 27, 2019
On Campus

Dr. Ashraf Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the German University in Cairo (GUC), said that the institution has offered 58 full scholarships this year to outstanding students.

During a Monday ceremony to honor the high ranked high school students from different governorates, held on campus, Dr. Mansour said that being confident is the secret of success at the university, adding that the university management helped to provide a very distinguished and qualified alumni who attained success everywhere, and many of them were even listed in Forbes magazine.

On another hand, Dr. Mansour hailed the student activities as another factors of success. He explained that one day, he found three articles on his desk about successful GUC alumni who proved outstanding talents in different activities. “The first one was a German article entitled University of Prestige, the second was published by ‘The US Daily News’ about a student who proved outstanding success at athletics at the GUC.. The article was on a musical activity by a university graduate, Dina Bahgat, who received her master’s degree from the Royal Society of Music in The United Kingdom,” he said.

The University’s president stressed that student activities are a social responsibility and are one of the main pillars of the university’s mission.

He turned his talk to all GUC students and alumni, calling upon them to take their time seriously, noting that building personality is important too. He advised them to get benefit from all that is offered to them whether it is scientific or academic.

He pointed out that being in the domain of excellence requires a strong personality, scientifically and intellectually. He assured that confidence and self-esteem are required but arrogance is not allowed among students because there is fair competition.

On another hand, he revealed that the US Federal Pharmacists has announced the equivalence of academic degrees of the German University in Cairo, “So Good degree becomes equivalent to the Very Good, degree and Very Good is equivalent to Excellent,” he explained.

He stressed that the good and excellence degrees have become unimportant, but excellency is what the university aspires to attain