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GUC hosts ‘Deep Planning’ by Jeroen van Ameijde.

post date: 5/2/2017
In   GUC News, Tuesday, May 2, 2017  to Thursday, May 4, 2017
On Campus - GUC

Architecture and Urban Design - Design Studio DS IV ‘Generative Housing’ is pleased to host the lecture ‘Deep Planning’ by Jeroen van Ameijde.

DS IV is presenting a futuristic view for housing in Egypt. Thus, challenging the fast expanding informal developments. Students re-visited and re-interpreted quotes of World’s Renown Architects to conceptualise their design in an attempt to promote a different perspective to Housing Architecture.

Jeroen’s lecture will give another dimension from the UK vis-a-vis information based design methodologies for fast growing cities. During his visit, Jeroen will also act as the external critique to the students’ projects; which would allow them to benchmark their work according to international standards. Further opportunities for collaboration will be explored during Jeroen’s two-day visit.


Deep Planning

The term ‘deep planning’ was first introduced in 1999 within a small avant-garde of architects exploring the implications of new information-based design methodologies. It described an ‘integral, time and user based approach’ to architecture and urbanism, aiming to explore the complex functioning of buildings and urban areas in relation to their physical and cultural contexts.

Using ‘deep planning’ as methodology and ethos, Jeroen van Ameijde has been developing academic and professional work during the last eight years at the Architectural Association in London and his office Urban Systems. The lecture will showcase a range of student work and professional projects, developed through cutting edge generative design processes and aimed at addressing new and emergent urban conditions in fast growing cities around the world.