Admission Officer

Vacancy for: Student Affairs Department

Ref Code: III.1

Duties and responsibilities:

• Meet and Assist the new comers in the Admission counter; Receives new applicants & provide information about admission application procedures.

• Handles admission test sessions
o Preparation of the necessary lab
o Giving full instructions to applicants upon admission test session
o Providing assistance to applicants if needed during test sessions
o Coordination with Technical support team in case of technical issues

• Advises applicants with academic and procedural requirements for successful admission application
o Explaining admission steps and procedures according to different certificates as well as announced deadlines
o Providing all details about qualifications to join the requested study group
o In case applicant is not meeting the admission requirements, Admission officer is responsible for providing academic advice about suitable program for applicant and to discuss best options for him/her
o Providing full information about required documentation

• Updates applicants’ data in admission databases
o Prior to admission exam(s) and
o Final Revision of all data after registration of students in Ministry of higher education
o Matching all data registered in the GUC with data of students as registered in Ministry of Higher Education

• Prescreens final high school certificates for applicants.
o Provide applicant with a preliminary evaluation of his/her scores and academic qualifications even before announcement of final results for high school certificate and prior to final evaluation and acceptance – which gives applicants a full chance to consider their best options

• Evaluates students’ high school certificates to decide the eligibility of applicants for desired study program & decide on tuition category.
o Final evaluation of high school results to include students in ranking for acceptance for each study group separately
o Study offers are sent to applicants based on certificates evaluation and fulfillment of admission requirements for the requested study group as selection of students is made on basis of choosing best calibers to join the GUC

• Responsible for admission test sessions held for new applicants.
o Follow up with any problems that can occur during admission test
o Handles and follows up with requests / complaints related to the admission test
o Supervises on admission test sessions to make they running properly

• Follows up newly accepted applicants’ completion of documents for a successful admission application.

Applications will be reviewed until position is filled. For best consideration, submit applications before 15th of November 2022

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Post Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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