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GUC celebrated GUC graduate Ghada Wali’s achievement “One of the best 100 graphic designers in the world”

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Prof. Ashraf Mansour, Prime Founder of the German University in Cairo, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, celebrated GUC graduate Ghada Wali’s new achievement. After graduation from the GUC in 2011 she accomplished her Master degree from Instituto Europeo Di Design, IED Florence, Italy. Ghada Wali's work, most recently, won the Granshan competition in Munich, as well as two Adobe Design Achievement awards, and the Society of Typographic Arts Chicago considers her among the best 100 graphic designers in the world. Wali's design experience includes MI7 Cairo, Fortune Promoseven, and J. Walter Thompson. Finally, she was chosen to be on the list of Forbes Magazine for 2016.


Prof. Ashraf Mansour, welcomed Ghada Wali who joined the GUC celebrities in their worldwide achievement. Among them, Mina Bekheet class 2009 who was chosen in Forbes magazine list of honor for 2016. He founded Panacea Innovation (UK) to bridge the gap between scientific research and scientific innovation.


In addition, Prof. Mansour highlighted the achievement of  Eng. Hussien Adel Fahmy class 2009 who was chosen as the best IT consultant for IBM. The above three joined GUC list of honor with GUC Graduate Akram Amin Abdellatif Class 2010 the first Egyptian Astronaut.


Prof. Mansour believes that the list of honor will be an endless one because the GUC graduates proved to have the capabilities to compete in the international market.