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ICT Minister Amr Talaat Delivers Talk at GUC titled: Digital Egypt Vision and Execution

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Sunday, March 6, 2022

In a symposium organized by the GUC on “Digital Egypt-Vision and Execution” Minister of Communications and Information Technology (ICT), Dr. Amr Talaat, stressed on that the COVID 19 pandemic contributed to accelerating the pace of digital transformation and the growth of demand for the communications and information technology industry.


The talk that was attended by GUC President Prof. Dr. Eng. Yasser Hegazy and Ambassador Nihad Zikry, Director of the International Policy Planning Department at the University as well as Deans and members of and students. This symposium comes in the series of events organized by the International Policy Planning Department (IPPD), that aim at providing academics and students with insights about latest trends for development in Egypt and the world.  


In his speech, Dr. Talaat explained, that the most prominent features of the new reality after the COVID 19 pandemic is to realize the importance of digital transformation as an integral element in business models. It is also the engine for the development of private sector businesses. In addition, it contributed to changing the nature of jobs in light of expectations of growth in demand for specialists in data science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and other technological jobs. He noted that with the onset of the pandemic, internet use rates in Egypt increased by 100%, while peak hours increased from three hours to 16-18 hours.


With regards to the ICT’s efforts to keep pace with the requirements of the new reality to transform into an integrated digital society, Dr. Talaat said that more than 125 government services have been launched on the Digital Egypt platform. Work is being done to move the government to the New Administrative Capital as a participatory paperless government.


In addition, the Minister highlighted the  developing applications using artificial intelligence at the Center for Applied Innovation explaining that as part of the work to provide access to the Internet. The efficiency of the network was raised through a project that was launched in early 2019 to develop the information infrastructure, which contributed to doubling the speed of the Internet about eight times, making Egypt the first in Africa in Internet speed. A project aimed at linking villages with fiber-optic cables to deliver high-speed internet to 3.5 million homes was launched to serve 60 million residents of villages under the "Decent Life" initiative within three years, Dr. Talaat added.


Seven innovation centers have been established as a first stage, and 14 new centers are being established as a second stage. The number of digital skills trainees has also been doubled 50 times, and the technical training budget has increased 22 times within three years, to reach a target of 200,000 trainees with a budget of EGP 1.1 billion during the current fiscal year. Young people in self-employment and encouraging them to work remotely, including the “Our Digital Future” initiative.


Following his speech, an open dialogue took place between the Minister and the student attendees, in which a number of inquiries and questions were raised about Egypt's digital strategy. In response to a query about relying on data for decision-making, Dr. Amr Talaat indicated that digital transformation is an absolute necessity to improve services provided to citizens, performance governance, and support more accurate decision-making based on sound scientific foundations.