Diploma in Process Control for Manufacturing



Regardless of the type of manufacturing system or of its deliverables, process control systems are essential to ensure a continuous manufacturing process that is predictable, efficient, visible, and consistent at delivering the target performance with only normal variations. The application of process control helps in maintaining throughput, quality, yield and energy efficiency in a safe and cost-efficient environment.

Process Control for Manufacturing Diploma aims at providing candidates with both knowledge and knowhow that enable them to a) leverage quality and productivity, and b) reduce expenses and unplanned downtimes and disruptions in their organizations, by using actionable data to troubleshoot technical issues on hand.

The fundamental and advanced concepts taught in this diploma help learners develop both powerful statistical and technical skills to deal with process control methods that are the foundation of the world-class manufacturing quality.

Eligible Candidates

  • Engineers with BSc in Mechanical and/or Industrial Engineering from national and/or international universities.
  • Language of Instruction: English.

    Diploma Duration: two semesters.

    Proposed Schedule: 2 days per week (Evening & weekend timings).

    Diploma Structure: The diploma offers four core courses, one elective course, in addition to completion of a project.

Diploma structure:

Semester Course Title Teaching Hours
Semester 1 (3 Courses) - Advanced Manufacturing Systems 2 2 0
- Statistical Process Control 2 0 2
- Machine Reliability and Maintenance 2 2 0
Semester 2 (1 Core course, 1 elective course + 1 Project) - Advanced Manufacturing Systems 2 2 0
- Lean Six Sigma for Digital Transformation 2 1 1
- Elective (Data Driven Manufacturing - Machine Health monitoring and Analysis) 2 1 1
- Project 0 0 4

Admission Steps:

  1. Applicants register online and fill in an admission application: https://www.guc.edu.eg/Postgraduate_Diplomas
  2. Applicants that fulfill the admission criteria are invited via e-mail to take the GUC English admission test (GUC graduates are exempted from this test).
  3. Applicants who are accepted are invited for a short interview.
  4. Submission of requested documents on the day of the interview.

Tuition & Fees:

  1. Four installments’ system is offered for diploma tuition fees.
  2. Diploma Tuition Fees = 22,500 EGP per semester (x 2) paid in two installments during each semester.
  3. Program application fee = 700 EGP.
  4. Graduation fee = 300 EGP to be paid at the end of the program before graduation.

Note: A refundable amount of 2500 EGP as Program Insurance Fees is paid and is transferred back to the diploma student in case no damages are done during the time of study

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e-mail: postgrad@guc.edu.eg