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The German University in Cairo (GUC), together with SAP sign MoU on 19th of November 2015 with the objective to offering SAP’s dual study program offering SAP’s dual study program [DSP] to students.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

SAP’s DSP objective is to equip the students with the rights skillsets required by the labor market before they graduate.

The DSP, by SAP, will be solely offered in Egypt by the GUC. This is based on previous successful engagement between both parties, which has been reflected in offering SAP education to GUC’s Business Informatics (BINF) students as well as the hiring of BINF graduates at SAP and key enterprises in the area of enterprise systems.

Students selected for the program will be learning advanced SAP courses, case studies, and go-through internships either in Egypt or in Germany or Middle East. The completion of the internship not only is a graduation requirement, but also is a chance for the students to join the labor market early enough.

Both GUC professors and SAP experts will teach the DSP to the students. However, all teaching classes will be conducted at GUC classes and labs. Added to that, and in order to preserve students’ academic performance, the program will be interweaved with academic courses as extra tutorials, or crash course in mid-year recess. But, internship will be taken during summer holiday.

By conducting such program, GUC helps both local and regional ICT by growing the right SAP-required skills on campus.