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GUC Students “Architecture and Urban Design Program” Create 41 Residential and Commercial Towers

post date: 5/5/2019
In   Academic, Sunday, May 5, 2019
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Hearts of new cities need basic urban and architectural transformations to interact with their futuristic visions. A future that provides space for creating new qualities of life and spreading optimism, not based on nostalgia alone. A future that depends on science and scientific research to understand the geographic location and to understand Cairenes’ problems and needs. A future connected to the past and to the present. This connection, visible through a comprehensive vision, satisfies the user’s needs and fulfills his need for utilizing new technologies within a new view of life.

It was required to create a mixed use tower in New Alamein City, as an element of a new master plan for the waterfront development. Residential, multiple companies, offices, galleries, restaurants, retail…etc. A symbol of the new era. The tower demonstrates a free plan, a clear structural system/ skeleton and transparency. The tower reflects new construction technologies and utilizes renewable energies.


GUC 6th semester Architecture and Urban Design program Design Studio IV New Alamein Towers’ students did an exhibition for 41 residential and commercial tower design projects with different heights and areas in correspondence to the new urban expansion in the Middle East and the Arab region.


The vertical expansion projects are characterized by futuristic forms, and it contains residential, commercial, hotel and administrative spaces. The tower is 40 floors with the average height of 160 meters. The projects are prototypes of mixed-use towers for living, working, and shopping according to the new urban and architectural trends.


MSc. Ibrahim Samy Instructor of GUC Architecture Design Studio IV New Alamein Towers said that the design physical models were done in collaboration with Civil Engineering department, architecture department CAD CAM team, and the GUC’s industrial park.


And MSc. Ibrahim added that these residential mega projects directly contributes to GUC architecture students’ preparation for international market, highlighting that part of the university goals is to train its students to achieve high caliber which allows them to work in international offices with international standards.


He also noted that the physical models making process needs the support of experienced technicians and without this support the students might not be able to realize their models, confirming that the collaboration between the university administration and industrial park allows the students to inquire and ask about all questions regarding the realization of their physical models, and the students took part in the GUC annual employment fair in which their projects got lots of praise by the employment fair attendees.

Course Team:

Assoc. Prof. Hussam Salama

Instructor MSc. Arch. Ibrahim Samy

MSc. Arch. Amr Fathy

BSc. Arch. Arwa Essam

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